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Get fit with Fitbit


Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

If you’re like most people, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard but is, arguably, the most important gift we can give ourselves. The Fitbit Ultra is the simplest (and most inconspicuous) device we’ve found that tracks your all your physical activity (e.g. steps walked, stairs climbed) and estimates calories burned. You can track progress directly on the device or from an intuitive webpage. The Fitbit program integrates with many others personal health devices and apps to support everyone from the fitness enthusiast to those who just want more visibility into their daily activities. You can set personal goals and earn rewards, and for the more socially motivated, optionally share your progress with others.  It's especially fun to see how your daily activity compares to others (in general or specifics if you and your friends all participate).  The device can even track your sleep patterns and provide quantitative inputs into how to achieve that elusive perfect night sleep. Since we started using this device we find ourselves taking the stairs instead of the elevators, taking more walks with the kids and feeling more rested and more informed.

Price: $99.95

Where to buy:


The Men's Tool Kit

Anthony Logistics for Men - The Tool Kit

Packed in this cool brushed aluminum canister is a manicure set with everything you need to keep dad trim and tidy.  This kit includes a stainless steel nail file, pair of nail clippers, a pair of tweezers and grooming scissors stored in a convenient travel-size canister.  The pairs of tweezers and scissors are extremely handy for plucking and trimming those unwanted nose and eyebrow hairs while clippers and file will keep his nails perfectly trimmed and shaped.   Dad can pack this set in his gym bag, leave at his desk for emergency hangnail operation or take it with him on his next trip. The perfect gift for any dad.

Price: $20

Where to buy:  Anthony Logistics for Men, Sephora


Men's Tempur-Pedic Slippers

Tempur-Pedic Slippers

Slip into the comfort of these Tempur-Pedic slippers and you know you’ve stepped into true comfort.  They are filled with pressure-relieving material that conforms to the contour of your foot to give the comfort that you need.  The hard sole gives extra comfort for walking around the house and on hard surfaces. Spoil the dads in your life this Father’s Day with a pair of these slippers and his feet will thank you a thousand times.  I’ve given these slippers to many men in my life and they have loved them.

Price: $49.99

Where to buy:  Brookstone