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Top toys and gifts for kids


Holiday Gifts Ideas for Kids


Now that you have seen the Holiday Top 10 Toys, here is another set of hottest toys and other gift ideas for kids this holiday season.

Lego MinecraftHOT item! If not available from Amazon, find it at Jinx at retail value of $34.99.

Hexbug Warriors. Find these at Amazon, ToyRUs or Target at retail value of $19.99.

Melissa and Doug Suspend.
Fun for the whole family.

Lego Technic Jet. This jet features opening cockpit, retractable landing gear, working ailerons and sweeping wings! 


Djeco Paper Workshop Kirigami Balls.   Award winning art craft.  Includes 8 origami sheets that makes 3 complete ball decorations measuring approximately 5-7 inches in diameter. Age 7-15 yrs.


Monster High High School Playset.

Djeco Leon the Dragon 35 pieces Floor Puzzle. These are beautiful and well made puzzle pieces perfect the little hands.

The Christmas Quiet Book for the little ones in your life.



Great Toys for Kids


Works of Ahhh…Holiday Series Nutcracker Prince

This wood painting kit includes everything you need to create your own Nutcracker Prince this holiday season. A great gift for the little budding artists in your life.

Awards: Best toy awards from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Parenting Magazine, Nick Jr., and Parent’s Choice.

Age: 5+ 


Pretend & Play Doctor Set by Learning Resources

This doctor kit is great for young children who are apprehensive about going to the doctor or for older children who like role playing.

Award: Oppenheimer Gold Award Winner

Age: 3+

Price: $36.99


Bathtime Blocks Ball Run Set

Turn bath time to fun time with these blocks that cling together when wet allowing the children to build water runs, ball runs, water slides, towers, and lots more.  

Awards: Oppenheimer Gold Award

Age: 3+

Price: $24.99


ThinkFun Zingo

Zingo is a fast-paced game similar to Bingo with a tile dispenser that the kids love. To play, the first player to fill his or her card with the matching picture tiles wins! By making connections between the words and pictures on the cards and tiles, this game helps children build vocabulary skills through play. 

Awards: Oppenheimer Gold Seal Award Winner, Parents' Choice Award, Learning® Magazine Teachers' Choice SM Award, TOTY Nominated, TD Magazines Top-10 Most Wanted Games, ASTRA Best Toys for Kids: Classic Play Nominee. 

Age: 4+

Price: $19.99



The Savvy Finds Holiday Top 10 Toys


Rivers, Roads or Rails which will you choose?


Rivers, Roads & Rails

This ever-changing matching game from Ravensburger is our new family favorite. The game is “straight” forward, you start with 10 tiles and on your turn, you draw a tile and play one that matches the pattern of river, rails, and roads allowing you to continue the sequence (potentially in an altered form). If you can’t make a match, you pass your turn. The first person to run out of tiles wins or if there are no more tiles to draw, the person with the fewest tiles wins the game. This is a great game for younger children (4 to early school years) because it teaches simple matching concepts while having fun creating twists and turns of pathways. Older kids enjoy it too as there is a lot of strategy around how to best alter the sequence in order to block your opponents without slowing yourself down.  Before you start, make sure to have enough space to create a large winding pathway of rivers, roads and rails for a fun family game night!

Award: Parents' Choice Gold Award

Age: 4+

Price: $19.99

Where to buy:



Lions, leopards, and Zebras - you can draw them!

It's Fun to Draw Safari Animals

Drawing is a great tool to strengthen creative thinking skills and aide in the development of writing skills so this summer, we’re focusing on having fun with drawing.  We’ve looked at different drawing books that provide simple instructions that the kids can follow and work independently and found these wonderful “It’s Fun to Draw” books by Mark Bergin.  These are excellent guide books for young school age students providing simple step-by-step illustrations and great tips on coloring with oil pastels, watercolor, paint, crayon, or ink.  With a few simple to follow steps, the budding artists can draw up some cool animals and complete them with amazing backgrounds.  Our boys really like “It’s Fun to Draw Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures” and “Safari Animals.” For other fun topics in this series, check out Princesses and Ballerinas, Fairies and Mermaids, Farm Animals, and even creepy creatures in Creepy Spooks.

Age: 5+

Price: $5.95

Where to buy:



Tic-tac-toe with a twist

Gobblet Gobblers

Gobblet Gobblers is a fun and fast-pace game that promotes critical thinking, spatial reasoning, ascending and descending order, and memory skills.  It’s a simple game of tic-tac-toe with the ability to “gobble” or cover your opponent’s piece with a larger piece that can change the winning position in an instant. The recommended age is 5 and up but anyone with basic knowledge of tic-tac-toe should be able to play this game; my kids love “gobbling” up each other’s pieces. For older children (8+) and adults who are looking for a more advanced version, check out Gobblet.

Awards: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Best Toy Award, Dr. Toy 10 Best Games Winner, Parents' Choice Silver Honor

Age: 5+

Price: $21.99

Where to buy:



Perler beads sunny days activity bucket

Perler Beads Sunny Days Activity Bucket

The Perler Beads are great for helping children develop hand-eye coordination, refine fine motor skills, and build attention span.  Older kids enjoy experimenting with patterns and sequences which help to developing math skills and creative play.   This kit includes 3 pegboards (butterfly, flower, and daisy), ironing paper, and 5,500 beads for hours of fun.  We also bought the Bucket-Multi Mix and some extra shape set as our kids love playing with them.  These are great gifts for girls and boys of all ages.

Age: 5+

Price: $11.79

Where to buy:


A new spin on wooden car and truck toys

Automoblox Mini S9/T9/C9 3-Pack

The Automoblox mini vehicles are by far the best creative play wooden car and truck toys I have ever seen. This high-quality building system is made of solid German beech wood, real rubber tires, windows, and unique customizing details so that you can mix and match with other models in the series to create your own car.   Kids get to start with the body then connect the wheels, roof, and other unique features for creative play fun.  This minis 3-pack series includes one C9 red sport car, one S9 blue sedan, and one T9 green pick-up truck and is a great start for yourcollection.  You can also buy SUV, hot rods, convertibles, and sport sedans to add to your collection.  My kids have been playing with them for years and they hold up very well.

Awards: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, Practical Pre-school silver award (U.K.), iParenting Media Award Winner, Parent’s Choice Foundation.

Age: 3+

Price: $35

Where to buy:


Ratuki, a quick and fun card game


Ratuki is an easy, fun and quick game to play.  The first person to slam the 5 card on the top of the deck and shout Ratuki wins!   This game is great because the cards go from 1 to 5 but are depicted in various ways like a domino, picture of a number or as written word.  It’s great to teach younger kids symbol recognition and sequencing while the older children will enjoy the fast-paced game.  You can simply adjust the total points required to win the game depending on the number and age of players to ensure the whole family can play.   Start this card-slamming frenzy game and you’ll be hooked!

Award:  Oppenheim Platinum Best Toy 2011

Age: 8+

Price: $11.99

Where to buy:


LEGO Technic off-roading fun

LEGO Technic Off-Roader 8066

Lego toys are great for creative play and can entertain children for hours as they build structures with their Lego mini.  We own many different sets and while we love them all, every now and then one stands out. One of our current favorite is the Lego Technic vehicles.  This collection of vehicles is a little more complicated to build (parents will need to be involved if the kids are younger than 8) but they really hold together better than most other versions.  In fact, these are so sturdy that our kids actually race them around the house (or drive them off the kitchen table) without any major pieces falling off the vehicle.   

This Lego Technic 2-in-1 Off-Roader model can be built into 2 models but the buggy is our favorite configuration.  It features realistic front and rear suspension with a control knob for gear-wheel steering.  We also like the other vehicles from the same line such as the Jet Plane (9394), Dump Truck (8065), Mini Mobile Crane (8067).

Age: 8 - 14

Price: $ 19.95

Where to buy: